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Advocacy, Education, and Community

Sharing Detroit is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers

All membership fees and donations go to funding legal efforts as they relate to providing education, advocacy, representation, and legal advice on behalf of the Sharing Detroit community.

Membership Fees & Donations Are Tax Deductible

Why A Sharing Detroit
Membership Matters 

Conversations with Airbnb

Sharing Detroit has a weekly standing meeting with Airbnb’s public policy team.  We have the opportunity to discuss the latest upcoming local and national legislation.  Members receive access to video or notes from these conversations.

Invitation to exclusive events

We hold a number events each year.  Some of these events are only for Sharing Detroit members.  Events include networking, training, and participating in conversations with nationally recognized leaders in the STR industry.

Networking and mastermind groups

Along with private events, members will participate in invite-only networking and mastermind groups. You’ll be part of conversations with industry influencers and community leaders.  We go deep and discuss STR and realestate related topics.

Growing the STR community

Sharing Detroit’s goal is to create a strong and vibrant STR community.  Your support and active involvement will help us become a model for other associations nation-wide.  Let’s put our voices together and create something special!

Insight into the Detroit area market

STR’s are hyper local.  Each city has its own unique advantages and challenges.  Sharing Detroit’s leadership team are investors, developers, and influencers in the community.  We offer valuable insight into helping Detroit home owners and operators succeed with their business.

Education and business tools

Members will have access to in-person and online education from successful STR operators.  You’ll be part of important conversations discussing reservation strategies during slow season, technology recommendations, access to house manual templates, profitability calculators, receive info. on how to win a damage claim, and much more!

Private Facebook Group

Sharing Detroit members will be invited to join our private Facebook group.  This group will be geared to members looking to serioursly grow their realestate portfolio and STR business.  

Deals and discounts

Sharing Detroit’s partnership with national brands, suppliers, and vendors continues to grow.  As a result you’ll receive member only pricing / discounts on technology, education material, products, and services.

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One-time gifts and donations.

Sharing Detroit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the state of Michigan.
Memberships and donations are tax deductible. 

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Sharing Detroit is growing and has big plans for 2020. Be the first to learn about special events, business growth opportunities, local ordinance updates, and much more.

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