Best Detroit Airbnbs in 2020

Must stay places while you're visiting Detroit, Michigan

The Motor City has seen a resurgence of popularity in recent years with its hipster foodie spots,  luxury high-rise studio apartments, and bustling businesses vying for commercial real estate amidst a richness of historical, Gothic-style architecture. With Detroit’s foot traffic increasing year by year, many one-of-a-kind Airbnb options have become increasingly available. From Downtown to Midtown to Corktown to Greektown- I know, so many towns! Really they’re just different sections of this unique city- there are options that suit everyone’s taste in lodging.

Airbnbs are a great way to not only experience an authentic stay in Motown, but also a great way to save money and cultivate a unique experience! We at Sharing Detroit have compiled a list of the best Detroit Airbnbs in 2020 for you to make the best decision for your stay. Whether you are adventuring solo or with a group of 20, we’ve got your back – time to get your Airbnb in the D!

5-8 companions? No sweat- we’ve got enough elbow room for everyone in your party!

Wow, you have a lot of friends- luckily we have a lot of options! See below for the best Airbnbs for groups of 16 or more!

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