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Building a Vibrant Short-Term Rental Community.

Sharing Detroit is comprised of residents, small business owners, and community leaders who support the fair regulation of short-term rentals in Detroit.  Our community is dedicated to advocacy, education, and sharing information. 

Our objective is to provide a collective voice to be heard throughout the City’s legislative process, helping shape regulations supporting the industry, instead of dismantling it.

3 ways short-term rentals impact Detroit and its residents.

Made In Detroit

The vast majority of Detroit Airbnb’s are owned by residents and families who use their spaces as side hustles, generating extra income that is invested directly back into the community.

Our Stories

Restrictive short-term rental ordinances and restrictions would almost eliminate, much needed, extra income for owners, operators, and their Detroit families.

3 Must Do’s for Detroit Short-Term Rentals.

1. A helpful house manual

Unique tips and useful information about your home and surrounding area is always a plus.  People love discovering new options for dining and appreciate thoughtful touches in your space.

2. Timely & consistent communication

Reservation thank you, your upcoming trip, next morning, and after check out messages are super important to a great guest experience and will help you earn / keep a super host reputation.

3. Simple explainer or welcome video

On your phone, create a simple video showing your building, lockbox location, or showing off your unique space.  Upload to Youtube or Vimeo and put this link into your upcoming trip messages.

Want to grow your short-term rental business?  Join our community, learn from industry leaders, attend private education events, and help support Detroit’s STR community.

Keep On Sharing!

Sharing Detroit is growing and has big plans for 2020. Be the first to learn about special events, business growth opportunities, local ordinance updates, and much more.

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